The Current State of Productivity Apps

How do you get work done today?

There are tons of great productivity apps today. There are great chat apps, great note taking apps, great task apps, great project tracking apps. But using them all at once isn’t so great.

Sure it may only take one extra step to find that attachment or that email from three months ago. But what happens during that process?

It’s far more likely that something else will catch your eye. Say, for instance, a song someone shared with you or an email from your family.

Also consider the energy it takes to switch between these different tools. There’s an inherent friction involved in switching between your email, documents, IM, task list, and notes. Each one has their own user interface, their own navigation, their own set of idiosyncrasies.

One thing leads to another and now trying get fully concentrated on your work again takes another 15-30 minutes. This time and effort adds up and now instead of having that task finished, that bug fixed, that project completed – you’ve got nothing to show for it.

How do you want to get work done today?

Using so many single minded tools to get a task done is going about it the wrong way. Tasks should be more than a single line with a check box. Chats should have context around a focused subject. Your notes shouldn’t be isolated on some island. Project tracking shouldn’t require everyone to to take time out of their day to go to yet another app and write an update.

We’re creating an interactive group organizer to provide a simpler way to share information. We’re working on combining the best features of these various isolated apps. We want you to have more time and happiness.

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One thought on “The Current State of Productivity Apps

  1. Good idea..

    CASE management systems work this way and the qualify as “simple” in that anything related to the Case is IN the case (messages, data, images, doc/pdf, video/audio recordings, giving a user a one-stop shop place to see in reverse chronological order, everything that relates to that Case.

    CASE is not new, healthcare has had ‘chats’ from way back, law enforcement has “cases”, Helicopter MRO sites have “service logs” – at a high level, all are the same.

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